ReadEZ Screening Software

Powerful software for diagnosing and managing Visual Stress


What is it?

The ReadEZ Screening Software lies at the heart of the ReadEZ system and is designed to be used by optometrists, orthoptists and other eye care professionals who are involved with the diagnosis and management of Visual Stress.

The software, which runs on most PCs running Windows 7 or later, simulates the effects of coloured overlays and spectacles by changing the background colour of the screen.

The software follows standardised protocols by first measuring "baseline" symptoms and reading speed/accuracy while viewing text against a white background.

The software then presents a full range of coloured backgrounds and the patient is asked to report which colour (if any) minimimises the symptoms.  Symptoms and reading speed/accuracy is then reassessed with the preferred coloured background.

At the end of the test, the software displays the preferred colour and quantifies the improvement (if any) in symptoms and reading speed and accuracy with the preferred colour.  On this basis, the practitioner can decide if the patient is likely to benefit form colour and prescribe an appropriate overlay or coloured lenses.


A whirlwind tour of the ReadEZ Screening Software ...

ReadEZ Screening - step by step ...

Baseline symptoms

The patient views a passage of text on the screen against a white background and is asked to rate the severity of any symptoms they may experience. This provides a Baseline for symptoms.


Baseline Rate of Reading

The patient views a passage of text on the screen against a white background and is asked to read as fast and accurately as possible.  The test records the number of errors made and the Rate of Reading (words/minute).  This provides a baseline for reading speed and accuracy.

Automated screening:

Two colours are presented and the patient is required to select the “more comfortable” colour. The computer uses a sophisticated algorithm to compare different combinations of colours in order to determine the best colour overall. This algorithm generates a number of indices describing the consistency of the patient’s responses.


Symptoms with preferred colour:

Having determined the preferred colour, the patient then repeats the symptoms assessment with the preferred colour in order to establish if the ReadEZ colour has reduced the severity of symptoms.

Rate of reading with preferred colour:

The patient then repeats the rate of reading test with the preferred colour in order to establish if the ReadEZ colour improves the fluency of reading. An improvement of 10% is generally considered to be the threshold for prescribing a coloured overlay or lens.



The software includes a powerful integrated database for storing results and generating reports. Full details of every screening are stored automatically avoiding the need to take any notes during the test.


The program presents a visual comparison of the symptoms and rate of reading result with and without a coloured overlay or tinted lens.



The software includes a powerful report generator allowing you to produce clear and attractive reports for the patient, parents, teachers etc.

Testimonials ...

We were getting a lot of requests to check for Meares-Irlen syndrome but could not really justify spending thousands on the testing kit. Then along came ReadEZ which gave us everything we need for under £500. It works brilliantly!

The ReadEZ software brings Meares-Irlen testing kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

I was always a bit embarrassed charging patients for waving around a series of overlays. The ReadEZ screening system looks so much more professional and I can give each patient a detailed report of their results.

Since becoming a ReadEZ Test Centre, I have received an influx of patients. If you manage to help one patient word spreads like wildfire. It has been a great practice builder.

A really slick bit of software. Obviously developed by people who understand the condition.