Thomson Test Charts

We offer a wide range of computerised Test Chart solutions to meet your exact requirements - from software only to run on your PC, to complete solutions ready to mount on the wall.  Thomson Test Charts are in used in more than 8000 consulting rooms in the UK alone, including most major hospital eye departments, optometry and orthoptics departments in universities and thousands of optometric practices.

Thomson Phoropter Module

The Phoropter module is an optional module for the Thomson Test Chart which allows simultaneous control of your Test Chart and computerised phoropter. The phoropter module is displayed in the floating window in front of the optometrist while the test chart is displayed on a second monitor. Lenses are simply dialled in using the mouse wheel and a graphical display shows you exactly what lenses and supplementary filters are currently selected in the phoropter. Interfaces are currently available for the Topcon CV5000 and Nidek RT5100 and RT6100 phoropters.

Thomson Near Chart

The Thomson Near Chart allows eye care professionals to present a huge range of near vision tests on any mobile device (phone, tablet, laptop) and control what is being presented from a PC - no wires attached!



Allow your patients to check their own vision at home on their own PC or Tablet!  CheckMyVision allows you to add a button to your website which will take your patients through a comprehensive assessment of their distance and near vision, all branded with your logo and in your corporate colours. The patient receives a detailed report of their vision and is taken to a page wher you can tell them all about the services that you offer and a click through to book an appointment. Why not try it for yourself now?


Clinical Eye Tracker

The Clinical Eye Tracker provides an exciting new tool for assessing eye movements and binocular vision at a breakthrough price! The system uses a small bar which is mounted below the computer screen to measure the fixation position of each eye while the patient looks at text and other stimuli on the screen.

Binocular Vision Analyser

A powerful tool for assessing ocular motility and the field of binocular single vision. The software includes an advanced Hess Screen test, a test of the Field of Binocular Single Vision and an Orthoptic report generator. Available as software only or as a complete solution with touch-sensitive PC, 48'' monitor and bespoke instrument table..


Digital Field Screener

The Thomson Digital Field Screener is a fully-featured visual field screener which runs on a PC or a laptop. It is ideal for domiciliaries or as a backup in your practice. The software includes 30-2, 24-2 and 10-2 screening protocols and can be used in multiple-stimulus, single stimulus, suprathreshold and thresholding modes.


The ReadEZ System

The ReadEZ system provide a complete solution for eye care professionals to diagnose and manage Visual Stress. The software determines if the patient is likely to benefit from colour, and which colour is optimum for both lenses and overlays. We can then supply coloured overlays, reading guides, plano lenses or prescription lenses to the preferred colour.


Occupational Vision Screener

The Thomson Occupational Vision Screener provides a modern and efficient way of screening vision in an industrial or corporate setting.  The software includes a wide range of vision tests which can be grouped into specific protocols to ensure that the individual meets specifc occupational standards.  The software may be run on a PC or laptop and manages the entire process including vision screening, analysis of results and report generation.


Vision Toolbox (for iPad)

Our Vision Toolbox app for iPads includes a huge range of near vision tests including near charts, stereopsis, fixation disparity, Amsler grids and much more. It also includes some dispensing aids and a toolbox to help with some of those tricky clinical calculations.


The D-Chart

The D-Chart provides a novel way of detecting and measuring distortion and field loss in the central visual field. The technique, developed by vision scientists at Glasgow Caledonian University, can be used to monitor changes in the visual field for patients with macula disease.



A unique source of information about the ocular adverse reactions of more than 3000 drugs.


Efron Grading Tool

A FREE utility to help grade Contact Lens Complications using the Efron Grading Scales.


Contact Lens Fitting Tool

A FREE tool which takes a patient's prescription and keratometry readings and calculates a reasonable set of parameters for the first trial RGP, Soft or Soft Toric contact lens.



Tint your PC Screen to your preferred colour to reduce the symptoms of Visual Stress


Software to send you to sleep! Tints your PC screen to simulate natural daylight.




Thomson Screening is a sister company to Thomson Software Solutions.  It is a spin-out company from City University, set up to develop and market the School Screener software originally developed by Professor Thomson.  The School Screener software is now used by local authorities throughout the UK and hundreds of thousands of children have benefitted from early detection of vision and hearing problems.

The company has gone on to develop a number of other innovative applications based on the technology including modules for Health Needs Assessment, Immunisation monitoring, Height and Weight monitoring, E-Consent and COVID-19 management.

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Thomson Software is used in more than 8000 consulting rooms worldwide.  To find a user near you, enter your postcode below and select Search.

      NEW: Thomson Near Chart

      Display a huge range of near tests and stimuli on any mobile device under control from your PC - no wires attached!

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      Allow visitors to your website to screen their own vision from the comfort of their own homes

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