ReadEZ Reading Guides

ReadEZ Reading Guides are similar to overlays but are A6 sized and have a "pillar box" design with your preferred colour in the middle and darkened areas above and below.

The Reading Guide fits easily over a page of text and not only provides the optimum colour, but helps the reader keep their place on the page. By making the areas above and below darker, visual stress is minimised while still allowing the reader to scan ahead.

The Reading Guides are made of durable acetate and come in packs of A6 sheets making them ideal for reading pages of any size.

They are available in 12 colours (A-L), more colours than available in any other system. The colours have been carefully chosen by a team of vision experts to provide the optimum saturation (colourfulness) and transmittance (darkness) to minimise the symptoms of Meares-Irlen syndrome.

Significant discounts are available to registered users of the ReadEZ Screening System.

ReadEZ Reading Guides



Packs of ReadEZ Reading Guides (one colour). NOTE: Registered users of ReadEZ Screening Software can use the Coupon number issued with the software to obtain a discount on all ReadEZ consummables.  Enter Coupon code from the Cart page.

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