Entertaining and informing your patients while they wait ...


EyeTV is a computer-based marketing tool which will run in a continuous loop in your waiting area and:

  • Motivate patients to ask about special lenses, coatings, contact lenses etc.
  • Educate your patients about optical health
  • Entertain your patients while they wait
  • Reduce perceived waiting time
  • Switch individual messages on or off
  • Add your own messages using the built-in Wizard
  • Group messages together and schedule them to run when you want

The program is designed to run silently and every message contains explanatory text. However, in certain circumstances you may wish to have music playing at the same time. EyeTV allows you to run your .mp3 music files to accompany the messages if you wish.

DUO Option

DUO Option In some practices the waiting area layout means that there isn’t a suitable wall to mount the screen, or the only wall wide enough may be in the wrong place for your seating. The DUO option allows you to mount the wide screen monitor vertically. This saves wall space, and also creates a very eye-catching display which will run two messages simultaneously, plus your logo in the middle.

ENVOY Option

In some practices, the test room is away from the waiting area, maybe upstairs. This can make it inconvenient and unproductive to collect each patient from the waiting area.

The ENVOY option enables you to send a message from the computer in your test room, which will interrupt the presentation running in your waiting area with a message e.g. “Mrs Smith, please come to test room 3”

You can decide:

● The wording that is used
● If an alert sound also plays
● How long the message stays on the screen
● The background design
● And much more …