Digital Visual Field Screener

"At last - the mobile visual field screener clinicians have been waiting for"

The Digital Visual Fields Screener has come about at the request of numerous Optometrists and Ophthalmologists looking for a mobile visual field test. While there are a number of excellent visual field instruments available for the consulting room or clinic, these instruments are not easily portable. This has meant that those working in mobile clinics or carrying out domiciliary tests have had to rely on the confrontation test or rather crude card-based systems.


There have been a number of challenges to overcome to make the Digital Visual Fields Screener a reality (in particular screen luminance calibration). However, the advent of new technology (and some ingenuity) has allowed us to overcome these challenges and we believe that we have developed a comprehensive and robust visual field screener.

It is not designed to replace the purpose-built visual field instruments, but it does provide the mobile optometrist or ophthalmologist with a solution which is an order of magnitude better than the alternative. It may also provide a practice-based screening tool to run alongside the full visual field instruments.

Prof Thomson explains ..


Comparison of field obtained for the same patient with the Digital Field Screener (Screening mode) and Medmont visial field analyser.

Digital Field Screener

£795.00 £954.00 (incl.VAT)

Powerful software for Visual Fields Screening on a laptop or PC. Price includes Spyder Colorimeter for calibrating screen luminance.

£795.00 £954.00 (incl.VAT)Add to cart

Key features

  • Package includes Spyder 5 photometer and
    perpetual software licence with free updates for
    2 years
  •  Requires PC/laptop running Windows 7 or later
  •  Automated screen luminance calibration
  •  30-2, 24-2 an 10-2 screening protocols
  • Multiple stimulus, single stimulus,
    suprathreshold and threshold strategies
  • Built-in database and report generator
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Telephone and remote login support for 2 years
  • Innovative software at a breakthrough price