Clinical Eye Tracker

The Clinical Eye Tracker provides a powerful new tool for the clinical assessment of eye movements at a breakthrough price!

What is it?

The Clinical Eye Tracker is an exciting new tool for Optometrists, Orthoptists, Ophthalmologists or others who have an interest in eye movements and binocular vision.

The system uses a small bar which is mounted below a computer screen.  The bar incorporates IR cameras which detect the position of the eyes to within less than 1 degree.

A wide range of test stimuli can then be presented on the screen and following a quick calibration, the system records the position of each eye at approximately 60 measurements per second.

The software replays exactly where the patient was looking and shows the horizontal and vertical position of the eyes and convergence/ phoria.  Powerful built in analysis algorithms automatically provide a range of statistics relating to reading performance.

Clinical Eye Tracker 2020
Tobii Bar


Why do I need one?

I am an Optometrist

In an increasingly competitive market, Optometrists have to find a way of differentiating themselves by offering something different or over-and-above that of their competitors.

The Clinical Eye Tracker offers a very cost-effective way to add a new test to your portfolio of services.  Patients will be amazed when you can demonstrate their exact pattern of eye movements when reading or demonstrate a benefit of lenses, prisms or colour directly.

Many practices have found that the Clinical Eye Tracker has resulted in a significant number of new recommendations and referrals and has become an important part of the service they offer.

A recent review said "one day, the Clinical Eye Tracker will be as mainstream as the cover test in optometric practice".

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I am an Orthoptist

Most binocular vision tests measure "static" binocular function - i.e. the target is static an the patient if given plenty of time to bifoveate.  However, in the "real  world" the eyes are very rarely static as we serach the visual field using a succession of saccades with brief fixations in between.

The Clinical Eye Tracker allows you to assess binocular function while the patient is reading or making a series of saccades ore performing other complex tasks.  This provides a far more realistic assessment of their binocular status under normal conditions.

The Clinical Eye Tracker can also be used to assess eye movements in patients with other oculomotor anomalies like nystagmus, incomitant squints etc. At last you have a tool which will allow you to visualise and quantify eye movement anomalies.

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Clinical Eye Tracker

Hardware: £550 Software: £32/month (£345/year) +VAT

  • Includes all upgrades, updates and support. Minimum term 6 months.

Clinical Eye Tracker Pricing

To run the Clinical Eye Tracker you will require a PC or Laptop with dual screens and a USB3 port.

You will require a special Tobii Eye Bar : £550 +VAT

The Clinical Eye Tracker software is available for £32/month (£345/year) +VAT.  This includes remote installation and training and all updates, upgrades and support.

For multiple licences, please call for a quote. Special rates are available for Hospitals, Universities and Research Institutions.

Resources and case studies

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