The Thomson Test Chart is a Windows-based program designed to display a wide range of visual/ optometric test stimuli on a  PC monitor, thus replacing a conventional back-illuminated test chart or projector.

The first version of the software was developed by Professor David Thomson in the mid 1990s. While computer displays had been used extensively for vision testing in research laboratories, at this time most clinicians were still using back-illuminated test charts and projectors for vision assessment.

With the advent of more powerful computers with better graphical capabilities and in particular with the emergence of new display technology, Professor Thomson and his team started developing software to take advantage of the new technology.

After extensive research and evaluation, Test Chart 2000 was launched in 2000 and was the first PC-based computerised test chart. The system received enthusiastic reviews from users and won a number of awards. Within a few years the system was installed in hundreds of consulting rooms around the world. Test Chart PRO, launched in 2002, built on the success of Test Chart 2000 and added a variety of new tests. In response to a growing demand from Hospital Eye Departments, Occupational Health Departments, Diabetic Screening Units and GPs, a simplified version of the program,  Test Chart 2000 LITE, was launched in 2003.

By 2008, Test Chart 2000 PRO was being used in over 5000 consulting rooms including the clinics in all of the Optometry Schools in the UK and a number in Europe, the US and Australia and was fast becoming the standard for Hospital Eye Departments. Test Chart XPert and Test Chart 3Di were launched in 2010 and 2012 respectively and added a variety of tests and technologies which ensured that the test chart retained its place as best-in-class.

With developments in the Windows operating system and software technology, the decision was made in 2021 to rebuild the software from the ground up, taking advantage of advances in technology while retaining the familiar and ever-popular user interface.

the Thomson Test Chart is this result of this major redevelopment. The software retains many of the tried and tested features of the original software while adding a range of new tests and features and a fresh new look and feel.  We are confident that this will ensure that the software maintains its position at the cutting-edge of clinical vision assessment.

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