Optrafair 18-20th April: Stand M60

This year our stand at Optrafair is bigger and better than ever.  We will be launching 3 new systems and demonstrating the latest versions of the old favourites:

Highlights will include:

  • Eye Tracking System: Our new eye tracking system provides eye care professionals with a powerful new tool for analysing saccades, pursuit movements and eye movements while reading or looking at virtually any other pattern or image.  Simple to use, completely non-invasive and at a breakthrough price.
  • Insight and EyeTV: Bring patient communication into the 21st century. Our chair-side and waiting room animations have been re-rendered and look stunning. Over 50 short animations to help you explain common conditions to your patients supported by professionally-written leaflets packaged in a slick interface – for just £600.
  • ReadEZ: Since its launch two years ago, hundreds of practices have added Meares-Irlen management to their portfolio of services.  Simple to use, cost-effective and a great practice builder.  Come and judge for yourself.
  • D-Chart: An innovative new program for monitoring changes in the central visual field.
  • Binocular Vision Analyser: This software combines a powerful Hess Screen and a Field of Binocular Single Vision test.  Available as software only or as a complete hardware/software solution.
  • Acuity Master: Designed primarily for hospital eye departments, this software is designed to accurately assess visual acuity and track changes over time.  Available as software only or as a complete hardware/software solution.
  • Test Chart XPert 3Di:  See the latest version of our market leading Test Chart software including tablet interface, link to Nidek phoropter etc.
  • School Screener EZ: Offer a vision screening service to your local schools using this innovative sofware.  Screen up to 50 children per day and generate personalised letters for parents at the click of a button.
  • Concept corner:  See some of the ideas we are working on including vision testing using a virtual reality headset!

And much more…

Software for eye care professionals

Thomson Software Solutions is the leading supplier of software for vision testing and screening in the UK. Our portfolio of programs is at the cutting edge of vision assessment and is already in use in over 6000 consulting rooms, hospitals and schools.

Computerised Test Charts


From the inventors of computerised Test Charts, we supply a wide range of software and hardware for vision testing. Our software is at the cutting edge of vision assessment and is used by over 6000 optometrists, orthoptists and ophthalmologists in the UK alone.

New: Acuity Master


Acuity Master is our radical new solution for measuring and analysing visual acuity. Perfect for hospitals, clinics and other environments where accurate assessment of visual acuity is paramount, Acuity Master takes care of the entire process, including measurements, scoring, and reporting.

New: D-Chart


D-Chart is a novel system for mapping and quantifying distortion in the central visual field. Ideal for vitreo-retinal clinics, optometrists or others who wish to monitor changes in central visual fields.  At last, an alternative to the Amsler chart.

New: PC Sun Screen


PC SunScreen is a powerful software app which automatically adjusts your screen colour to mimic natural daylight, gradually increasing the blue content from dawn to midday and then reducing it in the hours before you intend to go to bed. Research has shown that this can have a significant impact on sleep patterns.

Meares-Irlen Management


Complete range of solutions for diagnosing and managing Meares-Irlen syndrome (Visual Stress)



A unique database of the ocular adverse reactions to over 300 drugs.  Compiled by Profs Lawrenson and Thomson and presented in a fast user-friendly interface.  Search by drug name, classification, manufacturer or adverse reaction.  Regularly updated over the net. No eye care professional should be without it!

Animations for patient education

A range of products for helping explain eye conditions to patients.  All contain high quality animations storyboarded by eye care professionals and produced by the leading developer of medical animations in the UK.

PC Hess Screen


Hess Screen testing on your PC.  Powerful sofware for assessing ocular motility.  Measure angle of deviation in 9 or 25 directions of gaze.  Assess torsion.  Powerful database and report generator built in.  Cut and paste charts into your reports and much more…

Apps for vision testing


Turn your iPhone or iPad into a powerful vision assessment tool.  Huge range of near vision tests, 3m vision tests, images and optical calculators.

And from the same stable…

A number of other products have been developed by the same team but are marketed and managed by sister companies. For further information on these products, visit the associated websites from the links below.

Vision Screener for Schools


Thomson Screening is a spin-out company from City University which markets innovative software developed by Professor Thomson for managing Vision, Hearing and Height/Weight screening in schools.  The flagship software is already in use by ten local authorities and co-ordinates a screening programme across a whole area.  The School Screener EZ program is designed to be used by eye care professionals and schools


ReadEZ System

The ReadEZ system includes a range of software and solutions for diagnosing and managing Meares-Irlen syndrome. Eye care and Education professionals can purchase ReadEZ products therough this website.  Registered users of the screening system can also receive a discount on overlays, clip-ons and spectacles. However, we also have a website for the general public, designed to raise awareness of the condition.  Registered users of the screening software may be added to the database of ReadEZ Test Centres on this website so that visitors can find their nearest professional offering a screening service.

Health Screening Kiosks


We have developed a Health Screening kiosk for use in public spaces. Ths kiosk is capable of assessing distance and near vision, blood pressure and weight / BMI.  The system is currently undergoing trials and regulatory approval and will be launched later this year. Watch this space!