Test Chart Phoropter Module

Test Chart 2016 Phoropter

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Complete control of your phoropter from within the Test Chart interface …

Now you can have the world’s most powerful Test Chart and complete control of your phoropter from within the same slick interface. Simply click on the sphere, cyl or axis required and use the mouse wheel to rapidly dial up the required prescription. Rapidly select cross-cyls, prisms, occluders, auxilliary lenses etc.  The graphics on the screen means that you know exactly what lenses are in front of the patient’s eyes which eases the transition from trial frame to phoropter.

Beacuase the same software controls the Test Chart and the Phoropter you can co-ordinate the two – inserting corresponding lenses when certain tests are selected and vice versa.

The interface will work with the Nidek RT5100 phoropter.  The PC connects to the phoropter via a USB to Serial converter and a special cable, both of which we can supply.


  • Simultaneous control of Test Chart and Phoropter
  • Link charts to certain lens selections and vice versa
  • Link to patient management systems
  • Programmable lens and chart selections to automate your routine
  • Memory scratch pad to store various prescriptions while refracting
  • Built in prescription database

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