Test Chart Phoropter module

The Test Chart Phoropter module is an optional module for Test Chart FULL which allows simultaneous control of your Test Chart and computerised phoropter. The phoropter module is displayed in the floating window in front of the optometrist while the test chart is displayed on a second monitor. Lenses are simply dialled in using the mouse wheel and a graphical display shows you exactly what lenses and supplementary filters are currently selected in the phoropter.

Interfaces are currently available for the Topcon CV5000 and Nidek RT5100 phoropters.

Test Chart 2016 Phoropter

The module can also be linked to most Patient Management Systems (PMS) allowing a patient's old prescription to be imported directly to the phoropter and the latest prescription exported back to the PMS.

The practitioner can also design complete programmes containing an unlimited number of steps.  Each step includes a lens combination and a preferred test chart configuration.  For example, "Binocular VA with old Rx" might import the patient's old Rx, remove all occluders and filter and display your preferred test chart.

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Test Chart with Phoropter Module

£42 /month (£453/year) +VAT

  • New Test Chart licence with Phoropter Module. Includes all updgrades, updates and support. Minimum term 6 months.

Test Chart with Phoropter Module: UPGRADE

£30/month (£324/year) +VAT

  • Upgrade from any version of Thomson Test Chart to the latest version including Phoropter Module for £30+VAT/month. Normal subscription applies after 1 year.

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