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Overlays and Reading Guides are great for reading printed text - but what about reading on a computer screen?  ReadEZ Clip-Ons and spectacles can be used but why not just tint your screen!

Our unique Virtual Overlay software allows you to change the colours on your PC at the click of a button. If you are using Word or Excel or other software which uses the Windows colours, you can set both the text and background colour to any colour you like.

Or you can put a Virtual Overlay on the screen so that everything "behind" the overlay is tinted - just like a real overlay! This allows you to view pdfs, web pages and other windows (which may not use Windows colours) in your preferred colour.  You can either have the overlay cover the entire screen or you can size and move the overlay to cover just part of the screen. Turn the virtual overaly on and off with the click of a button.

Professor Thomson explains ...

The ReadEZ Virtual Overlay works on most PCs running Windows.

Eye Care and Educational Professionals can use the ReadEZ Screening System to determine the optimum colour for their computer screen.  They can then download the software from our ReadEZ site (see link below)

Download Virtual Overlay Now

I have been using Screen Tinter for years. It was great but lots of screens don't use the Windows colours so were not tinted. The Virtual Overlay software allows you to tint everything on the screen.

This program has literally changed my job - I can now use the screen all day without getting eye strain.

How did you do that! Brilliant bit of software.

I used to put an overlay on top of my screen but it always had reflections and was not great. Virtual Overlay is a much better solution - and cheaper.

You can choose from millions of colours. I don't think I have Meares-Irlen but I still find it far more comfortable to tint my screen.

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