ReadEZ Starter Kit

Everything you need to become a ReadEZ Test Centre


Becoming a ReadEZ Test Centre

The ReadEZ system is used by more than 400 practices in the UK.  It allows practices to add the diagnosis and management to their portfolio of services at a very reasonable cost.

To get started you will need a ReadEZ Starter Kit plus the ReadEZ Screening Software (available as a subscription):



The cost of the starter kit (excluding software) is £695+VAT

Software is provided on a subscription basis for £18+VAT / month.  This includes initial installation and training, ongoing updates, upgrades and support.  Minimum term is 1 year.

If you are using a previous version of the software, you may upgrade to the latest version and obtain ongoing updates, upgrades and support for £12+VAT / month.

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ReadEZ 2020 Screening Software

£18 +VAT / month

  • Includes all upgrades, updates and support. Minimum term 6 months.

ReadEZ Complete Starter Kit

£695.00 £834.00 (incl.VAT)

The ReadEZ Starter Kit includes all the hardware required to diagnose and manage Visual Stress including a set of 25 trial clip-ons, 12 ReadEZ Overlays, 12 ReadEZ Reading Guides, point-of sale materials and a Web-Pack of images for your web site.


ReadEZ Software UPGRADE

£12 +VAT / month

  • Uprgrade form any previous version of ReadEZ software. Includes all future upgrades, updates and support. Minimum term 6 months.