It is with great sadness that we have learnt that Norville Optical has gone into administration.

Frank Norville is a “gentleman” of the profession who has been hugely supportive of the Universities and various initiatives to help the Optical Professions.

On a personal level, he has been very supportive of the ReadEZ project and was instrumental in setting up the ReadEZ tinting lab which ensured that the ReadEZ lenses were produced to the highest standards. Frank and his skilled and knowledgeable workforce will be greatly missed.

We are in the early stages of appointing another lab to take on the manufacture of the ReadEZ lenses and hope to have a service up and running by the end of the July. While most labs are capable of producing coloured lenses, the ReadEZ lenses adhere to strict tolerances and standards so we would urge users not to ask other labs to simply try and match the ReadEZ colours.

Please check the website for further news on this but in the meantime, thank you for your continued support.

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