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Thomson Near Chart: FAQs

Yes - almost.  The Thomson Near Chart will link to any device with a browser and internet access. Best results are obtained with devices with a high resolution screen such as an iPad Air or Android tablet.

The Thomson Near Chart App will run on any PC running Windows 10 or 11.

The Thomson Near Chart is available on subscription. The first licence in the practice is £18+VAT / month.  Subsequent licences within the same practice are £15 / month.  This includes installation, training and ongoing support and updates/upgrades.

You may link and unlimited number of devices to you Thomson Near Chart App.  You may swap between them by simply selecting the required device from your list of linked devices.

Yes - provided that the patient has access to a reasonable tablet or smartphone, you can send them a link and you will then be able to display the full range of tests on their device.