The best way to explain eye conditions to your patients ...

Are you fed up of sketching cataracts on scrappy pieces of paper of taking apart your ageing model eye? Bring patient education into the 21st century with the Insight family of patient education software.

Working closely with our development partners Medivision, we have produced a stunning set of patient education animations describing most of the conditions and products that you routine explain to your patients in Optometric practice.

The program uses high quality 3D animations so patients very quickly understand what you’re trying to explain, which saves you time in the consulting room and dispensing area.

It simply and clearly demonstrates conditions and treatments without being distressing to the patient, so will help you gain acceptance for your recommendations.

Over 50 High Definition 3D Animations

  • Over 50 short animated sequences help you explain a wide range of conditions, treatments and possible solutions, enabling you to get information across quickly and effectively.

Patient Information Leaflets

  • A patient information leaflet on most subjects (in large print where applicable) supports the animations and can be edited, personalised to your practice, printed on demand and even emailed to patients. Leaflets contain still images from the animations to remind the patient what they saw and heard in the practice.

Images & Optical Clipart

  • The program has the facility for you to add your own images to the library and access them from the program.

Systems Integration

  • Integrate With Your Practice Management System – the program can link in with a number of pratient management systems to record which animations have been shown to the patient.

 Now in more detail ...

Insight What is it? Over 50 high quality 3D animations, patient leaflets, images and much more, all contained within a powerful user interface.This allows the practitioner to rapidly find the relevant animation or leaflet, maintain a list of favourites, email leaflets and images, store other images and even keep a record of which animations have been shown to which patient.
Sample animation 1: This is just one of over 50 high quality 3D animations.  All animations have been storyboarded by a team of experienced eye care professionals led by Professor Thomson.  They have then been created by our development partners, Medivision.This animation explains the Amsler test.
Sample animation 2: Even complex topics like astigmatism become easy to explain with a well designed animation.Each animation lasts for no more than two minutes so you will actually find it speeds up your consultation.
Sample animation 3: In addition to animations about eye diseases, Insight contains a wide range of animations to help explain how various forms of lenses work. This animation is designed to explain about the benefits of anti-reflection coatings on spectacle lenses.Each animation has a suggested narration at the bottom of the screen which will help you find the best way of describing what is being shown.
InsightLeaflet Patient leaflets: Despite your best efforts, patients may not take in everything you say at the time.With Insight, you can print out a leaflet for them to take away and read at their leisure.  The leaflets have been written by Professor Thomson and include stills from the animation that they were shown.You can even add you own logo at the top of the leaflets or edit so that theyare tailored to the products and services that you provide.