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Thomson Near Chart

Display a huge range of near charts and test on any mobile device under control from your PC - no wires, no passing the device to and fro!


A brilliant new way to display a huge range of near vision tests

"Near Vision testing finally comes of age"

"Replace all your test type cards, boxes and books, with one elegant solution"

The Thomson Near Chart allows eye care professionals to present a huge range of near vision tests on any mobile device (phone, tablet, laptop) and control what is being presented from a PC - no wires attached!

Step 1

The Thomson Near Chart software is installed on your PC and linked to our Remote Test server.



Step 2

A mobile device is linked to the Thomson Near Chart using a QR code or link.

An unlimited number of devices may be connected.  The device may be in the consulting room, in the patient's home or indeed - anywhere in the world!

Step 3

A few simple calibration measurements are taken from the device to ensure that all the tests are correctly sized irrespective of the size of the device.


Step 4

Run the Thomson Near Chart on your PC then choose the near chart/test that you want to use and it will appear almost instantaneously on the device being viewed by the patient - no wires, no passing the device forward and backwards between the patient and clinician!

Step 5

Select the test that you want to use. Select from ...

... then customise the test to your exact requirements ...

Step 6

Throw away all those yellowing test type cards, fading amsler charts and clunky old boxes and enjoy the Thomson Near Chart!

See below for a small selection of the tests available.

How it works ...

The Thomson Near Chart system is an App which runs on any PC running Windows 10 or later.  The App establishes a two way link with any tablet or smartphone via the Thomson Remote Test Cloud server. The tablet or smartphone is linked to the App using a QR code or a link sent by the App.

The App interrogates the tablet or smartphone to establish its resolution and then performs a simple calibration to establish the screen size.

The App then generates bespoke calibrated images which are sent via yje Thomson Remote Test Cloud server which are displayed almost instantly on the device.  This means that the tests and images are correctly scaled irrespective of the size or resolution of the device.

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Near Chart System

How much?

Thomson Near Chart (1st licence)
£18/month (£195/year) +VAT

The Thomson Near Chart is available on a subscription basis.  Price includes installation of the PC App on a single computer.  This may then be connected to an unlimited number of tablets/ phones. Subscription includes installation, training and ongoing telephone/email/Teamviewer suport and updates/upgrades.

£18/month (£195/year) +VAT
Thomson Near Chart (subsequent licences within the same practice)
£15/month (£162/year) +VAT
£15/month (£162/year) +VAT