Clinical Eye Tracker Resources

A range of resources for users of the Clinical Eye Tracker.  Please check here regularly as we plan to add add a variety of new resources over the next few months.

On-line Manual

View the latest manual for the Clinical Eye Tracker on-line

Eye Tracking and its clinical application in Optometry

An article written bt Professor Thomson published in the Optician

Help Snippets

A selection of short videos addressing various frequently-asked-questions about the Clinical Eye Tracker.

Case Study: Visual Stress

Prof Thomson describes a case of visual stress where the patient shows an abnormal pattern of eye movements while reading with a white background. However, when the background colour was changed to blue, the patient showed a relatively normal pattern of  of eye movements and reading speed and fluency improved.

Case Study: A hidden BV problem?

It is looking increasing likely that there is a whole hidden sub-population of patients with dynamic binocular vision problems.  They simply have relatively poor eye movement control and it takes a while for their eyes to stabilise after making an eye movement.  As the eyes are more or less constantly in motion in the real world – these patients have a significant real world binocular vision problem. However, as conventional binocular vision tests are generally very static, they often fail to detect a problem.  In this video, we look at a patient who appears to have a hidden binocular vision problem.

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