About us

Thomson Software Solutions is the leading supplier of software for vision testing and screening in the UK. Our portfolio of programs is at the cutting edge of vision assessment and is already in use in over 8000 consulting rooms, hospitals and schools.

Our software is used every day in thousands of eye examination in the UK and overseas. It has been adopted by most major hospital eye departments including Moorfields, Great Ormond Street, Southampton, Bristol, Addenbrokes and many more. It is also used in the clinics of all the University Optometry Departments in the UK.

However, we never stand still and we are constantly adding new tests and features. We believe that this keeps the software at the vanguard of innovation in clinical vision assessment - and our 8000 or so users seem to agree!


Prof David Thomson

Founder and CEO
The company was founded by Professor David Thomson in 1995. Professor Thomson started his professional life as an Optometrist but spent most of his career at City University where he lectured in Clinical Optometry and Visual Perception before becoming Head of Department. In the late 90s he recognised the potential of emerging computer and display technology for clinical vision assessment and started developing software to exploit the new technology The first program was launched in 1992 and from these humble beginnings, Thomson Software Solutions has become the leading supplier of vision assessment software. Professor Thomson continues to lead the company while lecturing widely in the UK and overseas.

Tom Sturge

Sales and Marketing Director
After obtaining a degree in marketing, Tom travelled the world for a year before joining Thomson Software Solutions nearly ten years ago. He is an avid Spurs fan (and therefore used to disappointment) and in what little spare time his two young children allow, he is to be found on the golf course.

Chris Hunt

Customer Services Director