Thomson Software Solutions is the leading supplier of software for vision testing and screening in the UK.  More than 8000 optometric, orthoptic  and ophthalmic consulting rooms now use our software.

The Thomson Paediatric Thomson Paediatric Screening Test Chart has been designed specifically for paediatric screening and fully complies with the requirements for School Entry Screening in the UK as defined by the National Screening Committee and Public Health England.

Presenting the LogMAR charts on a computer screen has many advantages over using conventional card-based charts including:

  • Better control over chart luminance and contrast - card-based system are dependent on ambient illuminance in the school.
  • Instant control over stimulus configuration including randomisation of letters, crowding etc.
  • Remote control pointer available to move cursor to point at each letter
  • Variable viewing distance

The system has been developed by a team of vision scientists and software developers led by Professor David Thomson.