Thomson Near Chart

Thomson Software Solutions has been the primary innovator in developing software for Vision Assessment and Screening since the turn of the millennium.

The Thomson Test Chart was the first software to exploit emerging display technology to provide the first computerised Test Chart for assessing distance vision.  The Thomson Test Chart went on to become the standard way of assessing vision and has been installed in more than 8000 ophthalmology and optometry consulting rooms in the UK alone.

Thomson Software Solutions was also the first company to recognise the potential of Smartphones and Tablets for displaying visual test stimuli, particularly for testing near vision.  The iChart 2000 and Vision Toolbox were among the first apps to provide a comprehensive range of vision tests for the iPhone and iPad respectively.

While these apps proved very popular, changing from one test to the next required the clinician to retrieve the device from the patient, select the new test and then give it back to the patient.  This was rather cumbersome and in the post-COVID world, less than ideal.

The Thomson Near chart harnesses recent developments in Cloud technology to link a PC to any device (Smartphone or Tablet).  The Thomson Near Chart App runs on any PC running Windows 10 or later and links to the device via our cloud-based server. The Thomson Near Chart senses the resolution of the device and generates images calibrated specifically for the device.  These images are sent to the device via the cloud-based server and are displayed almost instantly on the device.

In a nutshell, this means that a clinician can select from a huge range of test stimuli provided by the Thomson Near Chart, and they will appear "magically" on the device being viewed by the patient.