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LogMAR to Snellen converter

In response to a number of requests from users, we have created a simple Excel Spreadsheet which converts LogMAR scores into the equivalent Snellen and also shows the size of the letters for any viewing distance.

Download now: LogMAR Converter



3D Images for Test Chart with polarised monitors

The 3D images below look stunning when viewed using our Polarised 3D Test Chart. The images are royalty-free but should be acknowledged as Copyright Thomson Software Solution if used anywhere other than a Thomson Test Chart.

To incorporate the images into Thomson Test Chart, simply click on the required image to expand it.  Then right click on the expanded image and select Save Image.

Right click on the Test Chart icon on the desktop and select Open file location. Select the Images ... Stereo directory and drop the downloaded image into this directory.  The new image will now appear as part of the selection of 3D images when in Polar mode.


Woods Tree Tarlair Studland Bay Spring Scottish Castle 5 Scottish Castle 4 Scottish Castle 3 Scottish Castle 2 Scottish Castle 1 Purbeck Poole2 Poole1 Needles Eye Macduff Highlands High Shore Gardenstown Bournemouth

3DPisa2 3DPisa 3DFlorence 3DPoole

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