Computerised Test Charts

In the mid 90s, a team led by Professor David Thomson set about developing the software to exploit new developments in computer and display technology to provide eye care professionals with a powerful new set of tools for vision assessment in the consulting room. Test Chart 2000 was launched in January 2000 and was the first Windows-based computerised test chart in the world. The program provided a cost-effective and extremely versatile alternative to conventional back-illuminated charts and projectors and the response from clinicians was immediate and enthusiastic.

Since then, our Test Chart software has been installed in over 8000 consulting rooms including optometric practices, many major hospital eye departments, all the University Optometry Departments in the UK and many overseas, Diabetic Screening Units, Occupational Health Departments and Research Laboratories.

Test Chart Software

Feature checklist

The current version of our Test Chart software is called Test Chart 2016.  This is a major rewrite of the original software to ensure that it is fully compatible with all versions of Windows from 7 onwards.  Test Chart 2016 has a fresh new look and feel and a range of new tests, functions and tools.

There are two versions of Test Chart 2016: Test Chart 2016 LITE and Test Chart 2016.


Test Chart 2016


Test Chart Xpert 2016 contains an unrivalled suite of vision assessment tools for optometrists, ophthalmologists and orthoptists. Find out more ...

Test Chart 2016 LITE is suitable for environments where the main requirement is to measure visual acuity, for example, some hospital rooms, diabetic screening units, occupational health departments and GP surgeries.Find out more ...

Feature 2016 LITE 2016 (Full version)
LogMAR charts
Snellent charts
Single letter charts
Optotypes available on all charts
Sheridan Gardner
Lower case
Kay pictures
Makaton symbols
Other features available on test charts
Crowded singles
Crowded linear
Crowded/uncrowded LogMAR
Cursors to underline rows and letters
Smallest LogMAR size -0.4 -0.4
Smallest Snellen size 6/3 (Customisable) 6/3 (Customisable)
Variable viewing distance Nearest cm Nearest cm
Duochrome split on charts
Coloured charts
Variable letter contrast
ETDRS chart
Letters randomisable
Default letters
Letter selection customisable
LogMAR scoring utility
Automated VA measurement
Duochrome test
Variable size
Fan and Block test
Angle resolution 1 deg
Cross cyl targets
Variable size
Fixation Disparity (red/green)
Worth 4 Dot Test (red/green and polarised)
Random dot stereograms (red/green and polarised)
Maddox rod stimulus
Associated phoria test
UK Number Plate test
Fixation Targets
Dots and crosses  
Clown images
Task images
Clinical images
Facility for importing own images and videos
Slide show mode
Letter contrast sensitivity
Variable letter size
Variable optotypes
Patient education resource centre
Web links

Split screens

(horizontal and vertical split)

User-defined screens
Dual monitor support
Floating Control Window
Thumbnail of main chart
Auto pointing and underlining on main chart
Efron contact lens complications grading
Automated VA measurement
LogMAR scoring utility
Contact lens fitting toolbox
Tablet / Smartphone interface
Interactive remote contol via wi-fi
Near vision testing on tablet
Acuity charts
Test types
Fixation disparity
Random dot stereograms
3D images
Interactive Amsler charts
DSE test images
Near duochrome
Phropter interface Optional
Topcon CV5000
Nidek RT5100
Polarised maks option
Polarised fixation disparity tests
Polarised suppression tests
Polarised binocular balancing
3D monitor support
Polarised fixation disparity tests
Polarised suppression tests
Polarised binocular balancing
3D Images
Aneisikonia tests
Cyclotorsion tests
IR Remote Control  
Mouse control  
Keyboard control  
Tablet / Smartphone control
Windows 7  
Windows 8  
Windows 10  
Mac running PC emulator  
Activation key