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Many ophthalmic and systemic drugs have adverse effects on the eyes. EMedInfo is a unique database of the Ocular Adverse Reactions of virtually all drugs currently available, contained within a simple and intuitive user interface

EMedInfo also contains a series of expanded data sheets that provide prescribing information on all drugs currently available to optometrists as well as a wide range of resources relating to prescribing.

EMedInfo has been compiled by Professor John Lawrenson and Professor David Thomson (with a lot of help from many others). The database took over 8 years to compile, drawing on information from original data sheets and thousands of published papers. The information is constantly updated so that users can download the very latest information.

The program is supplied with a 2 year license which includes all updates during this period.

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If your computer is connected to the internet, you can download EMedInfo 15.0 now.  Students currently registered at a University or College may download the software for just £15+VAT by obtaining a discount code from your University. (University Tutors should contact us to obtain this code).

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If your computer is NOT connected to the internet, we can supply EMedInfo 15.0 on a CD.

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What is it? EMedInfo is a Windows-based program that contains a unique compilation of information about most of the systemic and ophthalmic drugs currently available in the UK. The program provides instant access to data sheets about each drug, giving details of their usage and a summary of their ocular and relevant general side-effects.  EMedIntro
EMedUser User interface: Intuitive user interface makes it very easy to find a drug - search by partial name, classification or even adverse reaction.
Data sheets provide all the information you need at a glance. They include legal category, drug classification, tradenames, concentrations, indications use and lists of ocular and general side-effects. The notes indicate the prevalence and severity of the side effects.The information has been compiled by a team led by Prof John Lawrenson over an 8 year period. It is constantly updated to include new drugs and new reports of adverse reactions. Updates are provided free of charge for two years. EMedDataSheet1
EmedPartial Search by partial drug name: Patients cannot always remember the full name of the medication they are taking. The database may be searched by the name or partial name of the drug. Enter "Ta" into the search field and all the drugs beginning with "Ta" will be listed. The search engine also accepts wildcards. For example, enter T?m and all the drugs beginning with "T" with a third letter "m" will be listed.
Search by manufacturer: Display a list of drugs produced by each manufacturer by selecting it from the list. EMedManufact
EMedOutline Outline classification: Use the powerful outline classification control to rapidly find a drug type and identify a trade name
Search by Adverse Reaction: List all the drugs which cause a specific adverse reaction. For example, select corneal deposits and a list of 85 drugs which have been found to be associated with corneal deposits will be listed. EMedReaction
 EMedResource Resources:The resources pages provide up to date information about all aspects of the supply of medicines by Optometrists including the law, guidelines, training and logistics.The Website section provides instant access to a range of related websites such as the BNF, National Prescribing Centre and the MHRA